United States
Standard Wheelchair (Dual axles)
This affordable self-propelled wheelchair is designed to offer easy storage and transport. This model provides standard features at an economic price. Front riggings are Invacare compatible.
Standard Wheelchair (Dual axles)
Value-added model comes with extra standard functions such as detachable arms. With this feature, users can now easily remove the wheelchair arms making it convenient for them to transport themselves to bed or bath. Front riggings and armrests are Invacare compatible.
Standard lightweight (Dual axles)
Combines an attractive design with light weight and durability.
Pediatric wheelchair
Customized to fit children snugly with 14" seat width and depth. Child specific vertical footrests provide optimum leg-seating position for the best comfort possible. Special size is adapted to users with particular body measurements.
Full recliner
Designed for users who need extra shoulder and trunk support. The full recliner enables the user to comfortably sleep in the wheelchair eliminating the necessity of transferring to a bed. The back is reclinable up to 180°

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