Merits, originally named ”Sun-Shun Industrial Co., Ltd.”, was established in July 1987 in Taya Township of Taichung City with 20 employees. In 1992, with increasing revenue, the company moved to Taichung Industrial Park and changed its name to “Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.”. At that time, turnover was over US$8 million dollars – 25 times the amount at the beginning. Since then, Merits has grown steadily by improving quality, continuously developing new products and meeting the needs of the market. At present, (In 2019) turnover exceeds US$70 million dollars, with over 500 employees. In January 2012, the company moved to the Taichung Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park.
Enterprise Culture
Merits Health Products’ logo, consists of four red hearts, a symbol of our commitment in providing first-rate products. The four red hearts represent Faithfulness, Caring, Love and untiring Determination toward our goal of enhancing human life. We are committed to continuing our efforts in providing the best possible products and services, at a competitive cost, to our valued customers.
Our logo, combined with our slogan, "With you for life", demonstrates Merits’ business objectives and corporate philosophy

Merits has offices and warehouses in Florida and California in order to provide direct and effective service to our customers in the US market. Simultaneously, innovative and effective R&D make for excellent OEM & ODM service for our clients worldwide, especially in main markets such as Europe, North America and Japan.

With design and production headquartered in Taiwan and Shanghai, Merits’ production uses some of the most advanced and state-of-the-art equipment in the industry. We are one of the largest power mobility equipment manufacturers with a market share of over 15% worldwide. Merits products have been certified by the strictest international standards, including TUV, ISO, FDA (USA), CE (Europe), and JIS (Japan). In Taiwan, Merits is the first manufacturer to have been inspected by the FDA. Our outstanding quality has become the key factor in continuing to satisfy our globally well-known customers.

Merits manufactures Home Medical Equipment for aged and disabled people. 
Love, Faithfulness, Caring and Determination, represented by the company logo’s four hearts, are Merits’ guiding principles in continuing to produce and develop its’  high quality and valuable products.




We aim at providing total solutions for every type of Home Medical Equipment (HME) need and offer complete HME product lines as below: