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World Class Quality System Certification
Quality System Comply with International Standards The Highest Safety Specification International Welding Standard
 Implemented ISO 13485/ FDA (QSR 820)/ GMP etc. international quality control systems ISO 7176/ EN 12184/ ANSI RESNA/ CE etc. to ensure the product meeting the world class standard Pass Germany TUV test and meet the highest safety requirement Certified by Canada CWB, all the welded frames are with lifetime warranty
State of the art manufacturing
Made In Taiwan
Power Mobility lines are designed and manufactured in Taiwan
200,000 times of Double Drum Test and 6,667 times of 50mm Dropping Test
To ensure the frame and assembly structure strength
200km Real Road Test
New products are required to perform the real road test with mass produced vehicle
Assemble Quality
The frame for all the scooters and power wheelchairs are processed by high level CNC machine, which provides great assemble quality
Automatic Robot Arms
The main frame for all the scooters and power wheelchairs are welded by robot arms
Production Fixture made By Merits
Develop, design and manufacture the production fixture based on the 27-year experience
Highly Precise Transaxle
 The transmission gears are produced by the accurate grinding process, which lower the driving noise significantly
High Quality Charger
Implementing high level electric load testing device, programmed power supply, and weather lab to regularly monitor the reliability of chargers and to improve the quality of our electronics
Dynamic/ Static Tests
All the product ranges have to pass both dynamic and static tests for stable quality and guaranteed safety
Product Resume
All the parts from each scooter can be traced back with the serial numbers
  • Digital LCD dashboard display
  • Batty gauge, accumulated usage hours, temperature, maintenance messages, speed