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Durable, Durable And Durable

Each product from Merits is strictly tested before delivering to your hands. You can be very confident and comforable using Merits products.

1 million

1,000,000 Times of Fatigue Test

The main frame structure must pass 1,000,000 times of fatigue test. It is 5 times higher than regular standards.


3,000km Endurance Test of Transaxle

Transaxle life is verified by the continuous 100,000 cycles test (around 2,000-3,000km)


200,000 Times Endurance Test of The Dashboard

Each switch-function part meets 200,000 times of test. PCB quality is monitored to ensure the product life

Highest Level of Materials

Driving wheel shaft is coated with ceramic anti-friction paste to ensure easy disassemble and maintenance after long time severe use.

Impact Resistance Frame Structure

Solid, high strength and durable frame structure design is far better than the one made of sheet metal.

Medical Grade Electronic Circuit

Medical insulated cable ensures the safety of the scooter. Low end cables often used are considered as key safety concerns.

2,000,000 Times Endurance Test of The Switch Endurance

New generation scooter comes with integrated throttle lever, which has longer product life and stable operation.

Antirust Surface

400 hours of salt spray test on the frame for longer main structure life. Merits can do 1,000 hours if the client has the requirement.

Best 4-pole Motor in the world

Merits offers finished products and essential assemblies for Germany, Japan, Denmark, Canada and Australia well-known companies. Solid, durable with very few defective 4-pole motors make Merits products the first class in the world.

  • Ergonomic Seat

    Surpass the competence in the market to ensure the driving comfort.

  • Ergonomic Design

    Cooperated with medical university lab to design the ergonomic structure.

  • Multiple Accessories

    Such as canopy, cane holder, basket etc. for style and convenience.

  • Personalize Operation

    The speed and climbing angle can be adjusted according to the local area. Personalized operation can be achieved by programing.

  • Modular Design

    Makes the maintenance simple and easy

  • LED Technology

    LED headlight and taillight are applied on the new models with features of high brightness, power saving and less malfunction.

  • LCD Dashboard

    LCD dashboard is applied on the selected models. Traveling speed, mileage and scooter condition are all in a glance.

High Maintenance Efficiency

We provide complete manual handbook and parts list to improve the maintenance efficiency

Military Industrial Product Management System

Technical and maintenance service is always available to avoid long wait